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Great tasting products, exceptional health benefits and plenty of good bacteria The Mufaro's Family Foods Difference

Milk, culture and nothing more.

Now Available: Mufaro's Finger Millet/Zviyo/Uphoko

Our Finger Millet, also known in African cultures as 'Zviyo' and 'Uphoko' is the healthy, wholemeal alternative to refined maize meal. With a wealth of nutrients including fibre and iron, it's the ideal base for a rounded and fulfilling diet. High in Tryptophan, an amino acid that naturally quells the appetite Finger millet is excellent for those who wish to further control their caloric intake.


Mufaro's Family Foods - The UK's first choice for healthy cultured milk products

We are the UK’s only provider of good, honest cultured milk and traditionally made health yoghurts from Africa.

While our staple is based on traditionally made African Hodzeko Amasi, Mukaka Wakakora and Maziwa yoghurts, everything from the grass the lovely cows at our dairies so love to graze on to the naturally happy live bacteria in every pot of cultured milk is quintessentially British.

Offering refreshing taste and good bacteria levels that very few other cultured milk products can, our low calorie probiotic yoghurts and savoury products are a great way of giving your family something tasty to eat that is also very good for them.

Now Available: Small quantity delivery service

Dear customers, you spoke and we listened! For those of you that live a distance from our retailers and simply don’t want to buy wholesale amounts of our Cultured Milk we have made it possible to order 6 pots at a time! Just head over to the order page to place yours now!

We encourage retailers seeking wholesale amounts to get in contact by giving us a call or an email and we’ll do our upmost to talk through your options through with you!

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Just what are the benefits of our nutritious African yoghurts and cultured milk products?

  • They taste great!
  • Healthy
  • Perfect addition to your daily diet
  • Traditionally made African yoghurts and cultured milk products
  • Full of good and healthy bacteria
  • Low in fat
  • Low calorie yoghurts
  • Unique and effective

No other traditionally African made yoghurts and cultured milk products offer the same great taste and good bacteria levels that our high quality products provide.

We have become well known across the UK and Europe for our professionalism, friendly staff and above all exceptionally tasting and nutritious yoghurts and low calorie cultured milk products.

Supplying cultured milk and low calorie yoghurts throughout the UK and Europe

Whether you have experienced the refreshing tastes of our incredibly healthy and low fat cultured milk and low calorie yoghurt products before or not, you are guaranteed to find them a great addition to your daily diet, as well as a massive enhancement to your well-being. As part of our ever-expanding service, we have also recently added an additional site to our repertoire in Harare, Zimbabwe.

This allows us to provide African countries with the same high quality and good bacteria-full product that customers across the UK and Europe have come to expect.

Based in Erith, Kent, we supply and deliver our nutritious and high quality probiotic yoghurt and cultured milk products, full of good bacteria, to customers throughout Kent and the UK.

If you would like any more information about our traditional African cultured milk and low calorie yoghurt products, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our helpful and friendly team will answer any questions you have. Alternatively, please feel free to place on order for our cultured milk and African made yoghurts in our online ordering section today!

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